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Do you have an amazing contemporary kitchen accessory that the world needs to know about? Have you designed the perfect living room lighting that every serious designer must have?

Well OK, now is your chance to get your product some much deserved exposure via our product review pages. Here at Design Dreams we have a keen eye for products that not only look good and can sit well in modern designs, but also are functional and of course value for money!

We are interested in reviewing anything that we think will be of interest to our readers and also covers home design, such as living room and bathroom accessories.

Our review criteria is straight forward and we want to highlight as much as we can about your product. A few pointers on what we will be looking for:

  •  Value for money – It may look great, but is it worth the cost?
  •  Design – How does it look and feel, would it fit in a modern home design setting?
  •  Functionality – How does the product function, is is practical?
  •  Reader comments – We have a comment section for readers to leave comments on your product and also rate.


Our 5 star rating system

We run a 5 star rating system, with one star being low and 5 stars the highest score we can give. We are very fair with our star rating system and will give a rating for each area. Your product willdesign product reviews then get an overall star rating. There is also a rating system for a reader, they can base their rating on how the product looks and any other information they want to take into consideration.

We also encourage our readers to share the review across social media if they feel it would be of interest and also leave comments on the product reviews. We do like to also offer information on where the product can be purchased and if available a link to a website where it can be purchased online (the link included will be nofollow.)


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