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We are the new design kids on the block, our paint may be still drying, but we already have lots to offer people seeking design inspiration. We are all about creative design ideas for the home (including the garden!) and will aim to bring you the very best in contemporary home living and design.

We are keen to build a responsive design community and encourage feedback on our design ideas and product reviews. All of our articles will have the option to leave comments, input ideas or just offer up some general advice.

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Our ideas will cover all areas of design including: kitchen, bathroom, living areas and bedrooms. You will also be able to read about garden design ideas and any outdoor space that you call home.

Kitchen design ideas:Home design ideas

looking for modern or traditional ideas? We will have them all! Open plan kitchens or working with small areas, check out the Kitchen section

Home design ideas:

A new bedroom design or new decor inspiration for the living areas of your house, don’t worry we have it covered! Check out the Home Design area

Our product reviews

You will start to see product reviews appearing across the Design Dreams website, in fact we have a section just for the product reviews.

More often than not when reading about design ideas and viewing photos of the complete design, accessories play a big part of the overall picture. They are not always referenced in the design article. So a killer retro kettle that sat on the kitchen table and made that photo, can sometimes be overlooked.

Our reviews will select products that we feel would fit into a home design, but also we will be looking at how functional it is, the cost and where you can purchase it. For further information on our review criteria, head over here.

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